How to Create the Best URL for SEO Purposes

If you believe that SEO is the best way to rank your site on Google, well you’re right. However, you need to make sure that your page URL is concise and keyword-optimized. And if you are wondering how you can do this, you can choose to work with an experienced SEO strategist to guarantee results. In fact, the most effective URLs are those that humans can easily read and know what the webpage is all about.seo-service

Imagine a headline on the newspaper, isn’t it written cleverly? It shortly covers what the entire story will be about. So now, think of your URL as the headline on that newspaper. Even though the line is brief, the reader can still anticipate what the website will talk about. Considering the URL’s path will also help you in linking the page to a sub-page and the other pages within the website.

Reaching Wider Market Reach through Relevant Page URLs

If you are able to make use of such path, you can create a more meaningful domain name for your website. By managing this technique, you can attract readers to visit your site again and again. Nevertheless, setting page URLs is not that easy since there are website CMSs which will not allow you to create custom URL. But if you have the control, then you can possibly help search engines to get your page rank and become visible to your target audience.

Take a look at those pages with high ranking on Google. You can check their search phrase or keywords used in order to see how you can set your own domain name effectively. An excellent URL involves easily understood words related to your web content. In fact, most e-commerce systems integrate page URLs that are built from the niche itself or product title. The best tip is to avoid long and loose phrases.

The common pages found on websites actually don’t matter on the page URLs. Phrases like “About Us” or “Contact Us” don’t relate to the main subject talked about on your site. Yes, perhaps it’s suitable for the menu but you need to consider other phrase to use on your domain. The worst thing you can do is to produce generated URLs according to the page you have created.

Quick Tips to Think About

But if you currently don’t have power over these, there are other SEO techniques to help you achieve your online marketing goals in no time. As your professional SEO consultant, we can support all your needs when it comes to increasing brand awareness as well as web presence for your site. Page URLs rationally require on-topic feature for the webpage. This means that you don’t need to incorporate lots of key phrases just to rank on Google.

Always remember that keyword stuffing will only make our raking worse. Our internet marketing blogs and SEO strategies will help you appear on first page results especially on Google. All you need to do is let us know what your needs are and we will take care of it. Also, black hat SEO is harmful to your site and will even penalize you for inappropriate use of such method.

Working With a Reliable SEO Partner

Keep in mind that page URLs must only contain at least 117 characters including the “www” part and your domain. Also, they typically have limited types of character which can be integrated. The special characters are actually converted into codes such as “%20”. Hit on the most searched keywords or key phrases on the web to effectively rank on search engines.

Page URLs can provide you the best technique in gathering organic web traffic on your site. If you simply want to know more about these methods, please feel free to contact us today so that we can properly address your concerns. With proper SEO strategies, you are sure to increase your conversion rates and rank your site on top of search page results.

Important Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

The garden city NY real estate industry involves a lot of key players who perform crucial roles in property management. It involves constant communication among these people who work together to achieve success in this industry. For most beginners, a challenging role awaits when performing numerous tasks that has something to do with property listing and selling. Therefore it’s necessary to become fully aware of the helpful tips that will make the role easier for you to perform.

Grasp as much information as possible.

Knowing how the business runs increases your knowledge. Take advantage of training modules, practical applications including personal experiences of mentors as you get to acquire some techniques that can be applied for your professional growth. Learning how the industry runs makes it easier for you to discuss and communicate with your clients.

real estateFamiliarize yourself on different market trends as this helps a lot in determining the strategy and methods you are going to use. This gives you the opportunity to know the type of approach you can apply to your different clients. It also pays well to be sociable because this is a major contribution in winning clients and gaining sales in return. Presenting yourself well to clients gives an air of professionalism. Since most of the time, the agent or the broker deals with the transactions from and to the clients, there is a need to establish professionalism not only on communication but appearance as well.

Serving the clients to the best of their interests can help you earn the respect and admiration you need in this kind of industry. Knowing what is good for them and not only for you to get sales and commission is an extra effort that cannot be missed out. You need to have a positive attitude to back you up in order to establish a smooth sailing relationship with your client. This is one of the things that you need to remember once you enter the garden city NY real estate industry.
Nothing beats a person with integrity in this kind of business. li-realestatefinder is mostly the foundation of most businesses especially when this involves agreement and conditions that need to be met. Furthermore, representation from clients is a regular scenario on this kind of industry and thus would need not only knowledge but integrity and trust as well.

Consider this not just a hobby but as a job which needs your serious attention and most of all, dedication. Matching a specific property from a client can be challenging but this is the way to achieve success on this part. While everything revolves around business as a whole, a major key is understanding how well this can provide great contributions that can mean a lot for people involved in this business opportunity through garden city NY real estate.

A Look Back at Printed Circuit Boards


Printed circuit boards are parts of an electronic device that make the path to complete an  electronic circuit. But instead of the typical wires to connect each component, it has  copper strips set in a pattern on a single board, and the components are all connected to  it.

Electronic devices 9were already in use before circuit boards became a standard, but with the old method of connecting each component, it was what was called the “point-to-point construction.” This involved connecting the electronic components using wires and sockets. This will make the electronic device work, but not efficiently. Multiple breakdowns would occur and replacing the parts of the device, especially the wires and sockets that connect them, becomes necessary. The wires used back then as well had weak insulations and would wear down, exposing the metal cores and it can cause a short-circuit inside the device itself.

To have a clear picture of how a point-to-point construction might look like, it can be compared to how old electronic switchboards worked. Wires were open and exposed and switching back and forth would be done manually. With this, breakdowns and repairs are common and will eat up a lot of precious time.

PCBAttempts of making a circuit board involved using materials like Masonite, or even just a thin piece of wood. The components would be riveted in place on one side of the board and then wires would be used on the other side, connecting each rivet together, which then completes the needed circuit.

Paul Eisler, who hailed from the United Kingdom, was able to develop a means of etching copper foil onto the surface of reinforced glass to create one of the earlier printed circuit boards back in 1943, but the idea only picked up more attention after World War II. The US Military also used this during the war.

In 1947, the first double-sided circuit boards were invented. These had plated through holes for the components that will be attached to them. The holes made it easier for the needed components to be installed onto the board. Surface Mount Technology was then introduced during the 1980’s. This was a new way of mounting electronic components onto a circuit board where the component would be “stamped” onto the board. Soldering the component would not be necessary after this.

For the circuits to be completed earlier circuit boards would have the copper patterns placed under the boards and they would be connected to the components through either riveting or soldering. Nowadays, circuit boards would be multilayered. This involves having more than one copper pattern onto just one board. Soldering or “stamping” the components is still used to connect them to the circuit board.

Further development of printed circuit boards throughout the years has enabled us to create smaller boards and smaller components while at the same time keeping the efficiency of the devices but at a smaller production cost. This is what made computers shrink down from those that occupy a large room to a powerful one that only rests on top of a desk. Computers would be very bulky and slow if such components were still connected together through a point-to-point construction and the efficiency of such a device would not even be as good as how computers perform now.

Nowadays, printed circuit boards have been further improved. Computers can now even rest on top of someone’s lap and the cellular phones have become smarter than before and can do more than just make and receive calls. Television sets also use the newer circuit boards to do more than just show what’s on air.

Things You Might Want To Know About Movable Cubicles

Is your place getting too cramped? Do you have pieces of old furniture or collections that you cannot find a place for inside your little house? If that is the case, then purchasing or renting a portable storage container may be the right choice for you. Portable storage containers are spacious enough to provide storage for big furniture or any huge amount of goods, as well as strong enough to protect these stored items from any damage, especially during shipment. It is also called a movable cubicle, portable container, etc.

Most of the companies that sell this item provide ways for their clients to maximize the storage space of their personal items or products. They often offer portable storage containers of different height and weight.

Here’s an example of how much movable cubicles usually weigh according to their sizes:

• 4850 lbs for the 20 feet cubicle

• 8200 lbs for the 40 feet cubicle

• 8600 lbs for the 40 feet High-cube cubicle

• 10,350 lbs for the 45 feet cubicle

How Safe it is to Store My Items in a Portable Storage Container?

If you are worrying about the security of your stored items, ease your doubts because a portable storage container is guaranteed to keep all your items safe. Aside from the fact that it is made entirely of steel, therefore making it very hard to destroy, portable containers also come with super-strong locks that will definitely ease your worry about losing your belongings. With that said, forced entry and theft will never be a problem. It is also designed to protect your stored items from rain and sun exposure so you don’t have to worry about damaging your belongings.

They are guaranteed to be extremely sturdy, as well as properly sealed to ensure maximum damage protection and security. Aside from being an efficient choice to store your extra items at home, portable storage containers are also useful in businesses, especially when they need extra space to store their equipment and documents. Like for example, those businesses that only have a small office space can buy or rent movable cubicles for all their storage needs, so that they can keep their working space from being too cramped and inconvenient.

Where can I place the storage container?

TransportationYou can place it anywhere you want but before deciding to purchase or rent a storage container, you will have to make sure first that a minimum of 10 feet width and 14 feet height, as well as a minimum of 80 to 120 feet of linear clearance, are available on leveled ground. These portable cubicles are also not limited to any particular type of outdoor condition. You can easily place them in any setting, whether outdoor or indoor, in a low pressured or high pressured area, exposed in the sun or hidden in the shade. A ground level portable storage container is guaranteed to be extremely weather resistant and waterproof, enabling its exterior to survive harsh weather conditions.

Potable storage containers undergo a rigid and highly strict inspection process in order to assure customers that only high quality containers will be provided to them. Companies that make this product want to ensure that everything placed inside the cubicles will not, in any way, become damaged by any external factor such as the harsh weather, climate or even theft for these cubicles are made of high quality steel and have their own high level security locks as well.

With that said, portable storage container will not only provide extra storage and space, but also gain the trust of clients by ensuring that the belongings they place inside will be extremely secured and unharmed.

Beginners Guide To Custom Rubber Bracelets

If you are delegated to research more on custom rubber bracelets to find the reason as to why it is the best promotional item for your company and event, then you have come to the right place.Visit for more details.Although everyone else is aware of rubber bracelet’s popularity, they never know everything about it.

It is best to know how it is produced and customized so you would know the right things to look for when choosing the best provider.

Below are the most essential things you need to know about custom rubber bracelets:

The material used for rubber bracelets are 100% silicon. Silicon is originally used in the industrial field as electrical insulations, adhesives, cooking utensils and auto parts. However, the demand for silicon in the fashion and recreational industry has also increased.

Silicon is the best material to customize because it is easier to mold, hence making it more flexible to all styles of customization.

It is worth noting that some rubber bracelets are also made from synthetic rubber. It is best to ask your provider about the material used in their bracelets.


Silicon is a polymer substance that carries elastomeric features. It is an ideal material for custom rubber bracelets because it is water-resistant, heat-resistant and flexible making the bracelets more durable.

Custom Rubber BraceletsTo create a gradient or marbled color, the colors are mixed together before it is heated. After heating, the rubber will be flattened using the milling machine. To achieve varying thickness, the rubber has to go through the extruding machine to slice them into different thickness. They are then molded into the typical circular shape by compression method. The typical wrist size of rubber bracelets are from 7-8.5 inches.


The appeal of rubber bracelets is heavily dependent on the color and the message it contains. One of the reasons for its widespread use is because it can display messages for certain political campaigns and awareness programs which are extremely popular nowadays.

There are 3 original styles of customization:

This is basically done by directly applying print on the surface of the rubber bracelets. Customers can opt to print the text inside or outside of the bracelet, or even both sides. To create a more effective print, it is necessary to use a different text color to the bracelet’s color.


This is widely used for placing texts on the rubber bracelets. Basically, the text is stamped into the rubber bracelet such that it becomes indented. Sometimes, customer can choose to color the indented surface for more visibility. This process is called color debossed.


Instead of engraving the text, embossed style elevates the text. If you see custom rubber bracelets with texts bulging out of the surface, that is embossed method.


Originally, rubber bracelets are only for accessory. However, people are wearing it nowadays not only to be fashionable but also to make a statement.

Supporting a cause.

Either it is a charity event or a call to action; custom rubber bracelets have become an essential item that unites a certain cause. If you see a yellow rubber bracelet, you would know that these are worn by people raising awareness against cancer.

Product launch.

Since rubber bracelets can be seen easily, it is the perfect item to distribute before and during the launch of a certain product.

Promotional Use.

Do you want people to know your brand and company? Distribute several rubber bracelets and encourage people to use it. It is the cheaper yet effective way to get your brand known to the public. Just make sure to incorporate your brand’s logo and color.

Golf Balls and Their Dimples

Many people wonder why a golf ball has dimples. Before the 1900’s golf balls used to round and smooth without the dimples. They used to be regular balls but are now being produced with dimples on them. It all started when golfers during that time played with used, scratched, and beaten up balls. They slowly saw differences in the balls distance when they hit the ball. People started wearing out their smooth balls instead of purchasing new ones. This was a natural response from golfers as they want to gain an advantage in the golf course. The industry caught up to this and decided to let science help out. Golf analysts have researched how and why the cuts on the smooth balls increased their capacity to go farther. Enter the dimples.

Golf ballThe dimples in each golf ball vary from one another. These differences may vary according to the number of dimples or to the size of the dimples or even to the symmetry of said dimples. Due to the growing curiosity of many about these dimples, Bob Thurman of Wilson Sports revealed that there is an average of 330-500 dimples per golf ball. This figure, of course, speaks only for those balls manufactured by the company. The manufacturer may have some different designs and scientific reasons for their dimple count. For the most part, it is said that the dimples in the golf balls are there to help the ball travel higher and farther.  This is backed by scientific evidence from the manufacturer’s product development team.

Aerodynamics can explain this dimple factor

According to aerodynamicists, the nicks and cuts in the balls that were now standardized as dimples act as “turbulators”—this brings about turbulence in the air next to the ball thus resulting in less drag. Less drag means that the golf balls have a better way of traveling in the air without being hindered by the air. A little deeper into aerodynamics show that there are two kinds of flow surrounding an object: Laminar Flow and the Turbulent Flow.

Laminar flow is the kind that has less drag, but is more likely susceptible to “separation”—drag tends to rise due to the eddies, whirling wind formed in the gap, that are present. Meanwhile, Turbulent flow initially has more drag but also has more adhesion causing a less risk to eddy. So for balls used in golf, the dimples turbulate the outer layer in order to avoid or lessen eddies. Dimples are the result of the research of golf analytics based on the seeded idea of the cuts and nicks from the old smooth golf ball.

Different companies have experimented on the number of dimples to place in a golf ball. The testing done is to personalize and pattern the balls to specific golfers. This science involves weeks of testing and trial and error. An ideal golf ball though usually has dimples between 380 and 432 dimples in it. Sizes of these dimples are up to the manufacturers yet again. For Titleist, they prefer their dimples to all be perfectly alike, so to spot a counterfeit or fake Titleist ball you just have to focus on the dimple sizes. They have done test and this has paid off well seeing as they are one of the key players in the market.

Taking care of your golf balls should also be a priority in order to keep the consistency of your game. Taking care of these balls is simple. You should wash them and this process is easy. Put all your balls in a bucket or container then spray it all well with water. After that you should add a little bleach then spray water on until they drown. Do not leave them there for more than 6 hours otherwise the color of your balls will be affected. Take each of them and towel-dry them. Try to wipe the dimples properly, so as to avoid a bad game. Now that you know its importance, take care of it.

Materials and Prints of ID Lanyards

ID lanyards are now more popular than before, having a wide range of style and design, color and pattern and length and width. They are widely used by students, employees and members of different organizations who needed identification cards.

ID LanyardsLanyards also vary in their materials. Some materials are soft, while others are flat and velvety. You have to know the type of materials makers or manufacturers use in making ID lanyards to be able to determine which one is the best for you.

Here is the list of the common types of lanyards.

1.  Polyester Lanyards

This is the most common type of lanyard. It is made up of high-quality polyester materials, designed to be comfortable for its user. Polyester lanyards are convenient and durable.

This type is best for students who understandably have to pay for more important things than their ID lanyards, such as project materials or the printing cost for their essays and term papers.

A useful fact to remember is that most lanyard factories offer a great discount if you are to make a bulk order. You no longer have to pay for lanyard attachments as well, as they will be free of charge.

2.  Nylon Lanyards

Compared to those made of polyester, nylon lanyards are more durable and more expensive. They are also smooth and glossy, a type you would want if you prefer those that are more stylish.

If you are meaning to purchase lanyards for long-term usage, then those made of nylon are good for you.

3.  Tubular Lanyards

Since these lanyards are made of polyester materials stitched together into a tube, you can expect them to have a smooth feel, making them very comfortable to wear. The first two types are both flat and smooth.

The best feature of the tubular or tube lanyard is its price. It is the most economical type of ID lanyards.

4.  Woven Lanyards

An elegant type of lanyard, woven lanyards are made of high quality and strong polyester materials. Its durability is out of question. You can also use any attachments for them.

However, woven lanyards come with limited printed designs. More of these are to be discussed on the latter part.

5.  Dye Sublimated Lanyards

If you are not in a tight budget and you consider buying the lanyard that last the longest, opt for the dye sublimated types. This type does not fade or wear out over time.

You can now pick a material you want for your lanyards if your main concern is their price and quality.If you want to know the limitations regarding the designs that you want to print on the lanyard as well, keep reading especially if you have a readily made design to avoid getting the wrong choice of material.

6.  Silk Screen Print

This type of print is to be found on T-shirts or customized cups. Your design, once it undergoes silkscreen printing, will be clearly visible to the lanyard.

Silkscreen printing is used in polyester, nylon, and tubular lanyards. Choose polyester or tubular if you have a simple design and nylon if your design consists of intricate texts and/or patterns.

If you want your design to stand out, pick nylon lanyards as well. The glossiness of the material will help emphasize the design.

7.  Embroidery

As mentioned, woven lanyards come with limited design choice. It is because the design is to be embroidered or sewn on the said material. The design must only consist of simple texts in order to make it look legible.

8.  Heat and Pressure

The process used in applying the design to dye sublimated lanyards involves heat and pressure. Both enable the design, whether simple or complicated, to pass through the material, making it visible in the dye sublimated ID lanyards.

Custom Challenge Coins in the Field of Sports

The tradition of challenge coins in the armed forces started way back in the 1900s, and even now the same practice applies. Today, the challenge coins are not confined to the military anymore. Many sporting organizations have taken interest in building their custom challenge coins, primarily due to their positive effects on teams.

Challenge Coins in Ice Hockey

A prominent example of this is the use of challenge coins by Boston Bruins, a professional ice hockey group. One of their members, Andrew Ference, had introduced the challenge coins into the team. He had learned of this through his friend in the army, who gave him a Ranger challenge coin.

Being a defenseman, Ference understood the importance of teamwork for their plays. Thus, he suggested to his team to make use of custom challenge coins in the same way as the military has used it, which is to instill camaraderie among men. With the help of the team officials in Boston Bruins, they have probably created the first ever set of challenge coins in the history of ice hockey.

Custom Challenge CoinsSo how did their challenge coin look? It featured the Boston Bruins logo at the center, alongside with the phrases “Since 1924” and “Old Time Hockey”. At the back, you will see the official seal of Boston city. Beside it is the jersey number of the player who owns the challenge coin.

Similar to an army platoon, each Boston Bruin member has to work hard to earn his very own challenge coin. With that, the team has created a set of rules on how a player can be granted with custom challenge coins. For instance, a rookie has to complete a set of tasks for him to garner a challenge coin.

Challenge Coins in Racing

Besides ice hockey, the challenge coins have also reached the sport of racing. Jeff Gordon, one of the prominent superstars in NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), gave challenge coins as a token of appreciation for his supporters.

Gordon is known to be fond of giving back to his fans and to the poor. In one occasion, he decided to give away custom challenge coins to his supporters, as part of his celebration in his win in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

In addition, Gordon has built a children’s hospital in his name, wherein he takes care of children who are stricken with severe illness such as cancer. He wanted to make these children feel special; however, giving out signed baseball caps is too common already. Thus, he decided to give out challenge coins instead. These challenge coins meant so much to the kids that in one instance, a parent has placed the coin in the burial of his child.

In fact, challenge coins are such a hit in NASCAR that other big racing stars started offering their own custom challenge coins in races and in their respective memorabilia shops and websites. Some of the racers who have their own challenge coins include Tony Steward, Bobby Labonte, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. There are also limited edition challenge coins which feature several legendary race teams belonging to the same family, such as The Earnhardts, The Labontes, and The Jarretts.

Following the challenge coin tradition is as fun as the sports themselves. This may be the reason why despite the wide difference between the fields of the military and the sports, challenge coins still hold to be popular to the people in these areas. Simply put, whether you’re a sportsman or an avid fan, challenge coins are surely the best way to commemorate the sport that you love.

Mister Information for Dummies

A mister is similar in many ways to an electric fan. It has a motor that uses electricity to power a magnet which in turn rotates blades so fast as to create a gust of wind. That is where the similarity ends. The main difference begins with how it cools the air.

powerMist fans are mainly different from electric fans because they actually change the temperature of the wind they blow. That may seem amazing given how a mist fan is not as technologically sophisticated as an air conditioner, but it is actually quite simple to understand. Understanding how this works will not take a lot of in depth knowledge of physics or science in general.

Mist fans are common in large events, especially outdoors, where it’s used as a cooling solution for chill zones. However, mist fans are used for more than just cooling people. Mist fans are versatile pieces of machinery that sees a lot of use in a wide variety of applications in the industrial, agricultural, commercial and even Hollywood industries.

Those who want to learn more about how a mister works and what can be done with it can read the brief rundown for both below.

How do mist fans work?

Mist fans are not complicated pieces of machinery. Sure they are more sophisticated than an electric fan, but they are by no means as technologically cutting edge as air conditioners.

Mist fans produce mist in order to cool the air that they blow. This is achieved through a process known as evaporative cooling. While the term is unfamiliar to most people, the process itself is sure to be something most people have already experienced.

When people engage in heavy physical activity they sweat. Sweat is the means by which the human body regulates its temperature. The sweat absorbs body heat and evaporates and in the process helps cool the body. A mist fan basically does the same with air.

A mister produces micron sized droplets of water that absorbs some of the ambient heat and in the process cool the air. Mist fans have different water pressure systems.

There are three different pressures, high, medium and low. High pressure mist fans are usually employed for outdoor use. These are the big mist fans people usually see on TV in football games where the players are sitting on the bench. Medium pressure mist fans are common in restaurants or residential use. Low pressure mist fans are the ones reserved for personal use.

What is mist fans used for?

Mist fans are used for a wide variety of applications beyond cooling people. Mist fans are becoming increasingly common in industrial applications given just how cheap and effective a mist fan can be.

manchesterFactories sometimes use mist fans for odor control as the water particles stave off the foul smell. The water droplets mix with the odor producing particles thereby neutralizing the scent. Mist fans are also used to help cool heavy machinery. Any machine that requires power or moving parts will always produce heat. Heavy machines produce a lot of heat given the tremendous amount of power they need and all the moving parts that they have. Mist fans can help cool them off without having to rely on more expensive methods.

In agriculture, mist fans are used to help keep animals cool. Livestock tend to be more productive when they live in a healthy and cool environment. A cow for example will produce high quality milk. Greenhouses also use mist fans to maintain humidity. This is especially useful in places where the climate is arid.

Finally, Hollywood and stage productions use mist fans to create special effects. A mister is extremely cheap compared to the more high tech alternative which requires special liquids to work.